Dear friends/shipping community/colleagues and clients-

First off, I wanted to share our sincerest best wishes for your health and well-being during this critical time. We have friends and colleagues all over the world, our heart goes out to each and every one one you, if there’s anything we can do to be of service to you or your families, please let us know.

In terms of our day-to-day, because we are considered an essential service (we ship food grade items, batteries among many other needed shipments), we remain fully operational. Through March 2020, we have been busy and are ready to assist you with any essential shipping needs.

While Governor Gavin Newsom’s “stay at home” order is in place, our staff will be working remotely – this should not affect any continuity of service from our end. Our contractors, drivers and pilots of shipping vehicles, are still working to ensure all essential deliveries are made – all of us are following all the precautions mandated and advised by the CDC.

On a personal note, as the founder of this great freight company in 1984, I have seen in my time a few crisis, but, nothing of this magnitude. Everything feels surreal. Between the sensationalized news and my daughter being a nurse in Torrance with the lack of medical supplies it’s a troubling time. I worry for her, her family and for the rest of us.

I have found that the best thing is to keep busy. Beside reading a bunch, perhaps, like many of you still working, I stay connected to our shipping family business throughout the day. The virus COVID-19 virulence is somewhat measurable, a global fright to say the least, being in the early stage of combatting this deadly virus. In the next few weeks, we will see an explosion of cases with hospitals overwhelmed. All of us will keep following the guidelines and get through it. So maybe, to keep our sanity, I say, business not so as usual. Let us keep busy and think of the months ahead, the calm after the storm will return.

When calling ETC International Freight System, normalcy reigns. Dimitri Malinbaum is in our main office, and both Nick Sanders and Lee Laguilles are working remotely to service your shipments, but all of us are here for your import or export shipments. If you have any questions pertaining to shipping, warehousing, trucking or need a sales quote, you can reach us via the following ways:

Stay safe and remain strong!

Reid Malinbaum
ETC Intl. Freight System since 1984



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