Is your freight making a round trip?

Freight costs are just apart of life. No matter how advanced we become, we still need you to move products from one place to the next, and there’s going to be a premium.

But if your freight is going round-trip, there are some significant costs that can be cut if you use an ATA Carnet.

Here’s how to identify whether YOUR shipment qualifies and several other answers to frequently asked questions.

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1. What is an ATA Carnet?

It’s an international customs document (passport for goods) that provides duty-free customs clearance for temporary imports into foreign & USA countries, which can simplify entry by eliminating the need to post a Temporary Import Bond.

Recognized in over 90 destinations, virtually all goods, whether hand carried or cargo shipped, are covered by Carnets.


2. When do we qualify?

Whether importing or exporting to & from an exhibition or shipping with the intent to return the cargo.


3. Besides costs, what are some of the perks?

It doesn’t only reduce costs; it also acts as a United States registration of goods and is valid on multiple trips for over one year.

It covers a broad range of merchandise including trade show booths, personal computers, satellites, industrial machinery, diagnostic equipment, jewelry, photographic and video equipment, repair tools, live animals, rare gems, vehicles and more with no surprises.


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4. How expensive are they?

Carnet fees are paid prior to your departure so you know what the cost will be before you leave. You have an application fee, and you have to post a bond for 60% of the value. Also, you will have some messenger fees.

We offer two services; a 3-day service or a 24-hour one. The application fee reflects the service you choose. Your freight forwarder will help with its issuance.


5. Other Benefits of using a Carnet!

Because the Carnet is valid for up to one year, users can travel to as many Carnet member countries as necessary during that period. In addition, partial and split shipments can be made. 

You don’t have to take all of the merchandise listed on your General List on each trip so one Carnet can cover the needs of several trips for different purposes.

Click HERE for a complete list of ATA Carnet countries


6. Customs requirement:

Prior to departure via air or ocean freight, your shipments will need to be registered by customs. Upon the return of the registered freight, you retrieve your shipment duty free.


7. ATA Cancellation

A cancellation takes place within a few weeks of the shipment returning.



Whether you import or export onto an exhibition site or need to show your product abroad, shipping internationally under an ATA Carnet may be vital solution.

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