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Why you Should Consult an Expert when Shipping Oversized Items

Posted by Reid Malinbaum on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 12:32 PM

How to deal with shipping oversized items overseas

The world of international freight shipping never stops. While many in the Northern Hemisphere find themselves settling into a summer getaway, as international freight forwarders, we are always working on tackling our latest shipping challenge for our clients.

Our latest endeavor will involve shipping oversized items such as heavy machinery from Beaverton, OR to Alexandria Egypt. Here are the challenges we faced, and how we overcame them.

Due to the large size, and heavy weight of this shipment, even with ETC International Freight System's more than 30 years of shipping experience we are faced with new and unique challenges. For a novice shipper, a shipment such as this would seem incredibly overwhelming thus we highly suggest consulting with an expert such as an international freight forwarder.

When it comes to oversized shipping, the logistics are unusually complex and require close attention. In this case, the shipments are so large that we will send double deck low-boy trucks without the flat racks to move via road transport to Seattle, Washington. This shipment is so large it will require a permit load with police escort.

Once at the port, the terminal will use a large crane to trans-load onto 5x40’ flat racks, lash, block and brace the freight securely before loading onto the ship. The captain of the ship always decides on the location of such cargo, carefully balancing the flat racks along with the 4000 or more containers on the ship.

It is important that the booking, documentation, weight and dimensions are carefully reviewed before they are finalized as any changes after the fact will have an added cost from the steam line that ultimately is the shipper’s responsibility.

For the shipping to Alexandria, the 5x40’ flat racks will travel on an upper deck position (they are rarely placed below deck due to size). For this reason, we advised our shipper to have the machines shrink-wrapped and we will offer additional tarping to prevent any water or salt damage.

Aside from the logistics of the shipment, we also ensure that the Incoterms are properly assigned. This shipment is sold from an ex-factory (Beaverton, OR) CIF (cost of freight + insurance) Alexandria, Egypt, meaning all of the costs from the factory up to Alexandria port is covered by the shipper’s account.

Any destination fees, such as terminal, port fees, customs clearance, tax, duty, delivery to the site and unloading is covered by the consignee’s account. Same goes for any random inspection, storage, etc. The freight terms are defined with the shipper as early on as possible, prior to any booking being made. Freight forwarders should always advise the shipper to review the freight terms early on as well as the bill of lading draft with their buyer to prevent any conflict.

Regardless of whether you seek to ship via air or ocean freighting for your large or small shipment consulting with an international freight forwarder can help to ease your mind and your wallet. You can rest assured that your expert partner will do everything that they can to ensure your shipment moves smoothly and as cost effectively as possible. 

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