ETC International Freight System developed a strong brand getting customers to know ETC Freight values proposition.  Our long lasting customers, shippers know what makes us different from our competitors. But it’s not enough for them to just know what we say makes you different; Our shippers know from seeing How ETC Intl Freight System  fulfills our promises.

International air & ocean freight


The fastest way for a business to lose customers is to fail to live up to its promises. If your value proposition is built on winning with the best price, then you better have the best price, or close to it. If your value proposition is about speed and convenience, then you
shouldn’t have hordes of customers complaining about how slow things are and
how difficult it is to deal with your business.

ETC International Freight System offer many different services to meet the particular need of our shippers:

  • Door to Door (courier type air
    service) Import or export worldwide for small shipments.
  • Air Freight Consolidated Services
    (prepaid, collect, DDU or DDP) for freight terms, see Glossary at
  • Ocean Freight Consolidated Services.
    Weekly sailing for less than a container load shipment
  • Full container loads (20’ &
    40’) Import & Export World Destinations with access to volume ocean
    contracts for wholesale pricing
  • Customs clearance, warehousing,
    distribution, delivery.

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No—if you promise something, if you draw customers in by telling them that you are going to do something, and especially that you’re going to do it better than your competitors, then you absolutely must follow through. Customers don’t care about what you say so much as what you do.

You can promise the moon and get people to come in to your business once, but if you want them to come back again and build a sustainable foundation for your business, then you have to live up to those expectations.   

The staff at ETC International Freight System is experienced & dedicated. They hold a special relationship with the owners and they are good, smart men & women working ant traffic file from the inception all the way to the finish line, no compromising. Of course, it’s easy
to understand this with some of our promises to customers—the ones that we say outright and communicate in our marketing and advertising. But don’t forget about implicit promises. These are expectations that your customers develop based on all the times they do business with you. When your business meets a standard for a long time, then customers expect you will continue to meet that same standard, regardless of whether you explicitly promise it or not.

Never promise something you can’t deliver. In fact, it’s far better to under-promise and then over-deliver. If you know that you can get something done by Thursday, promise to have it done by Friday—and then wow them by beating your promise.

The potential harm from failing to uphold a promise is far greater than the gain from making extravagant promises in the first place. All you’ll end up with are lost customers, horrible reviews, and a damaged brand. A brand relationship is built on trust, and you can only earn
trust by always following through.

Analysts question future of same-day shipping

Target’s customers in certain markets can choose to receive shipments within hours of ordering when a pilot same-day shipping program is launched this month, but some industry analysts think same-day shipping is just a temporary fad with little possibility of becoming

International shipping expert

For shippers with a fast pick-up requirement placed timely at ETC international Freight System with all the pertaining export documentation duly prepared, a same day pick up (early morning request for an afternoon pick-up) can be offered on a special. Please call us with such organized request at 1-800-383-3157 or emailus at

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