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International Shipping, Logistic Freight Reid Malinbaum CEO ETC International Freight System since 1984.

The compelling evidence that has moved ETC International Freight System among the premier freight forwarder in Southerm California stems from relentless efforts to re-define & question our approch to our shippers’ cargo shipping. The evidence is 20 percent & more in yearly gross revenue since the global financial crisis, which took its toll on everyone till 2010.

For new shippers wanting to work with experienced staff members that remain driving your traffic files from inception to end and return to your next shipments with the particulars on your company and the performance you have come to expect.

  • Our support reaches international destinations (Door to Door)
  • Shipping from & to any inland America points 
  • The right service fitting your shipments profiles
  • Courier door to door, door to airport, import or export worldwide
  • Air consolidation services, weekly flights to & from any international airport
  • Charter planes, relief goods or shipping an entire plant.
  • Ocean Freight less than a container load or full container load to & from world destinations
  • Safety Net! Cargo experts from start to finish cargo insurance available
  • Supply Chain. Warehousing, Distribution, Inventory control.

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And so, what is next for ETC Internatonal Freight System!

Although, we cannot divulge all trade secrets, we certainly can outline the areas that we intend to pursue.

  • Strong alliance with our overseas partners
  • Strong alliance with our national partners
  • Access ocean service contracts & keep offering a wholesale platform to our customers the shippers.
  • Forge strong ties with the airlines to keep a competitive edge
  • Continue our strategy with our dedicated staff to know the requirements of each account and share real time information on their shipment 

International Rock The Nose El Captain in Yosemite. Our boss a speed climber climbed the face in 32 hours. He was then 52 years old. Overseas shipping & half Dome resized 600Also, when in his fifties, Reid got up on hald Dome the classic route in 16 hours.

This acknowledgement of our CEO shows the spirit, in which he passes down to the rest of us. We apply experience, knowledge to perseverance & real commitment. We would like to work with you the new shippers and share the spirit, the adventure keeping all safety precaution to get to the top & down safely. Take it as a simple metaphor for your shipments and how you & us work together to ensure a successful shipping experience.

To the next 20 shippers caling ETC International Freight System at 1-800-383-3157 & refer to our CEO Reid Malinbaum, we will deduct 10% of your freight bill that can go to any humanitarian organization of your choice. 

You may say, “Why are you writing about this?” It’s not like we did anything heroic. But to me, we all are heroic. Trying to help & take the time to focus our energy on our shippers in an extremely positive way. ETC Intl. Freight System will make the freight process simple you will feel comfortable and appreciated. In a time where you really can’t expect great customer service from many forwarders, ETC International Freight System sets a new higher standard.

I think so many times in business, we neglect to notice and reward people for doing the little things right, but it is the little things that make the difference. This should be a focus in your business. Do the little things better than others and it will set you apart. Great customer service that focuses on the fine print will keep your customers coming back, and it is estimated that it is 6-7 times more costly to attract new customers than it is to retain existing ones. As a matter of fact, 55% of customers say they would pay more for a better experience. Don’t take the impact of fantastic customer service lightly. Call us at 1800 383-3157 or email us at Click below for a freight rate quote.

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