ETC International Freight system recently responded to a freight query that was originated by a construction company all the way in Sorsogon City in Southern Luzon, Philippines. This company is placing an order with a US manufacturer of prefabricated housing. It is worth knowing that a foreign buyer is entitled to use a foreign passport to handle the export USA customs side of the business.

First off, we consult with both the importer

Second, since the bulk park of the shipment is oversized and overweight for containerization we priced two specially-sized 2×40’ flat racks and 1×20’ standard container. Because customs clearance in the Philippines that is notoriously difficult, we activate our network of international partners to ensure that established clearing agents assist us with the shipment. Our freight responsibility ends once the cargo reaches the Manila port, but our coordination with the American exporter is still active.

Third, because we are a reputable international shipping company, we are able to help the Filipino importer by providing a letter of credit as well as cargo insurance. Once, the letter of credit is in place, negotiable in the USA upon presentation of our shipping documents, all parties feel secure to complete the order.

Shippers of prefabricated houses can experience unforeseeable delays – that is why ETC always makes sure the letter of credit (L/C) has ample expiry and shipping dates. It is also true that the pricing of flat racks can vary over time. That means that freight rates negotiated six months prior may not be available once the cargo is ready to sail. This needs to be factored in and the importer is advised early on of potential rate changes.

Fourth, since some suppliers are not privy to the flat rack loading methodology, our freight forwarding company provides the step by step loading that must meet the terminals standards. Permit over the road must be examined and provided if necessary, with a police escort. Often, the suppliers deliver to a container freight station (CFS), where a trans-load will take place before delivering to the departure port. Once the shipment is loaded onto the flat racks and standard containers, our freight forwarding company gather all the pertaining freight documents and others (pro-forma, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading) . Fifth, our thorough review takes place to ensure that all wording matches the L/C before sending the L/C and the shipping documents to the negotiating bank.

Sixth, our pre-advice alert with the shipping details and express release are sent to the buyer, the importer in Sorsogon City or their customhouse broker in Manila far ahead of the arrival to prevent any mishaps.

To you, the US or foreign shippers showing any interest with shipping to or from the USA, we welcome your freight inquiry. Please contact us directly via email or via our comprehensive web site or call us at 1-800-383-3157.

Happy shipping!
Reid Malinbaum
ETC Intl. Freight System since 1984



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