My first section, I am passing some uplifting information “for some”, I picked up from JOC publication about the Long Beach port.
My second section addresses the household shippers with some useful information.

According to JOC article, the port of Long Beach is giving us an update on the status of port operations.

Not so much of a surprise, Long Beach terminals are operating without disruption. It is appeasing news in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent protests. Terminals keep moving the cargoes that our economy depends on. The curfews imposed by our local governments did not impact the port & terminals operations neither did the protests. For once, we can thank the terminals and ILWU workers for hitting new heights of productivity.

JOC reports  & I quote that “cargo movement records continue to fall at the docks in Long Beach, once again demonstrating this Port’s operational excellence and productivity” (I am not sure JOC got this one right or maybe, I am not getting it: if records fall, I do not get the excellence & productivity) If someone can explain, I am happy to stand corrected. In this article they congratulate themselves & I quote “Terminals and labor are clearly rising to the challenge of bigger ships and working through the COVID-19 pandemic”.

On a more personal note, in a few paragraphs they seem to be quite happy with themselves. I wonder what the 40M unemployed would feel of the self-gratification expressed here with their high salaries & pension plan. Commerce is made on the backs of small, medium & large importers & exporters among others supporting the excess costs, self- interest & greed. Let us not forget the strikes, their demands & who pays for that.

Back to the freight on a smaller scale:
For the shippers moving out of here in a time of pandemic, we bring you a modest example of an ocean export move:

A shipment, which ETC International Freight System, a family owned business handled from the pick-up, packing/palletizing, storage for 3 months, shipping as well as clearing in Barcelona Spain with the delivery to in Lisbon, Portugal.

Origin:  Los Angeles door
Destination: Lisbon, Portugal door
POL: New York
POD: Barcelona
Product: Personal Effects/2.75CBM
Terms: DDU delivery duty unpaid

This shipment required original copies of the Certificate of Luggage, CRUE and Junta, Tax Card , Passport and even proof of USA residence in the last 6 months (i.e utilities billing, rent receipt, etc…).

The boxes were picked up & palletized at our warehouse for 3 months storage. Pictures of the boxes on the pallet were taken & pallet exact dimensions & weight provided to the shipper for the billing. All documents required here & overseas were gathered & presented to the agent abroad for their acceptance. Pricing was collected & presented to the shipper with exceptions, such as customs inspection or demurrage overseas. In effect, no matter what you ship via air or ocean any customs reserve the rights without informing you prior to inspect & charge you for their fees. The customers can purchase a cargo insurance. If the shipment is packed by a certified packers, they can access an all risk insurance. If it is packed by the shippers, a total loss insurance would be issued.

For less than a container load, we offer one weekly ocean consolidation with about 15 days in estimated transit time from the departure of the vessel from New York port, add a week for trucking from Los Angeles to New York . Foreign customs may take a week to clear if no incidental inspection & delivery takes place with a day or so of the clearance. The shipper, consignee are made aware of the status & given the agent’s name for follow ups at destination.

Shippers of Household goods are often anxious & need to be cared for. Not many licensed forwarders have the proper staff & freight network to facilitate such a move. Although ETC International Freight System ships for manufacturers, trading companies, we always kept a niche market for the household goods being a family business, we have more to give than a large, impersonal shipping company. We welcome, shippers whether they import or export via air or ocean, we aim to please. Give us a call at 800-383-3157 or 310-632-2555. Contact us via email & check us out on our web site at

Happy shipping!
Reid Malinbaum



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