Australia’s Struggle for Resources

The devastating impact of Australia’s wildfires have rendered the roads to many small communities unsafe and inaccessible, leaving inhabitants isolated and lacking in resources. The New York Times reports that planes and helicopters are the only method of providing many of these communities with water, food and supplies. The military recently flew over miles of scorched earth to deliver fuel to the cut-off beach town of Mallacoota, which was without power for two weeks. While more than 1,000 people left the town on naval ships, many other residents and vacationers have decided to stay. For these people, much-needed assistance has arrived slowly by ocean and air.

How Can We Help? Anyone can contact the Australian Consulate to donate or determine the best way to help. At ETC International Freight System, we’re implementing a 15% price reduction through March 2020 for shippers involved with the Australian air, ocean, import or export markets. Additionally, these shippers can request that the 15% be sent to a charity for Australian fire relief. We feel we can use our shipping company to have a positive impact, and we welcome Australian or American shippers working with Australia to contact us. Together, we can contribute to a worthy cause.

With our sympathy,

Reid Malinbaum
ETC Intl. Freight System since 1984



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