how to be successful selling on Amazon

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “the customer is always right” thrown around during customer service situations and your side of the dispute might change your opinion of how valid that sentiment seems to be. But no questions asked customer service is something that has not only become known for but is also a key factor to the website’s cult-like success.

As an Amazon store owner, whether you like it or not, in the customer’s eyes you are going to be responsible to maintain the same level of customer service that Amazon itself provides. It may not feel easy to grin and bear it when you’re dealing with picky customers who can easily impact your all-important 5-star Amazon Store Rating but here are some key customer service tips that will help you learn how to be successful selling on Amazon.

Accurately Represent Your Products- Providing an accurate representation of the product you are selling online is one of the most important elements to starting off an online transaction on the right foot. Online shoppers are savvy and they are also wary. They are on the lookout for junk and want to avoid it at all costs.

Accurate images, item description, and details about the product will help your buyer make an informed decision about your product. Your buyer knows exactly what they are looking for and the application for its use. Anything other than an accurate description will likely result in a return and/or a poor star rating. 

Read your Reviews- No seller wants a bad review but reviews, both good and bad are invaluable to an Amazon seller. Reviews are how the vast majority of your customers are going to communicate with you about how you’re doing as a seller.

Reviews can tell you how well you are doing at things like ordering quality products, accurately describing your product, or shipping at an appropriate speed. Pay attention to the messages your buyers leave. If you are seeing a significant number of poor reviews regarding quality you may have a bad batch or need to reevaluate the manufacturer you’re purchasing from.

It may feel difficult to decipher real feedback from chronic complainers but by doing so will help keep your store at the top of Amazon’s quality ranking.

Respond to Buyer Emails- If a buyer is reaching out to you it’s unlikely that they just want to chat. When a buyer reaches out to a seller it is to either ask a question so that they can make an informed purchase or to resolve a problem. Like you, buyers are busy and would like the transaction to be resolved as quickly as possible. A good rule to strive for is to try to respond to emails within 24-48 hours even sooner if the email has a negative tone.

Use Best Practices to Avoid Claims- Claims made by unsatisfied buyers are not only a headache to deal with but can also be damaging to your 5-star Amazon store’s reputation and ranking. To avoid claims respond quickly to concerned emails. Amazon notes that most claims filed against otherwise well performing stores are usually the result of ignored emails.

Take the buyer’s feedback seriously both through email or reviews and investigate the issue. Are products being damaged due to improper packaging? Are multiple products from the same batch failing the same way? Buyer feedback can often lead you to the root of the problem and can help you resolve it quickly. Remember to be fair and offer a refund if the situation warrants it.

Use a Reliable Freight Forwarder – This might be one of the most important pieces to the chain of success described in this article. Without a reliable freight forwarder to help you navigate the complexities of international shipping compounded by Amazon’s strict shipping policies, you will find yourself without product when people are ready to buy, and you’ll fall off that first page like a rocket.

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Good customer service is key to happy customers and 5-star Amazon store ratings. It may not always feel like the easiest or most fun aspect of being an Amazon store owner but it is an important factor in keeping high ratings and prominent visibility in a highly competitive market.

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