successful holiday selling on amazon

Like Santa’s elves, it seems like successful Amazon sellers are always looking at the holiday shopping season. Whether you’re researching and planning for the next season or looking back at the biggest sellers from the season before, you always have your eyes on the next big thing.

I thought I would help you learn how to be successful selling on Amazon by analyzing the biggest successes of the 2017 holiday shopping season.


2017 saw record sales for the ever popular Amazon tech devices like the Echo series and Kindle. While Amazon FBA sellers cannot sell them because they are exclusively sold by Amazon, this is still important to take note.

Devices like the Amazon Kindle and Echo have accessories that can be purchased to go along with the device being gifted. Items like cases, chargers, and even smart wall plugs are perfect, lower risk items to invest in so that you too can ride the wave of the Amazon devices’ popularity.

Not just what… HOW

This year, successful selling wasn’t just a result of what items you were selling, but how you were selling your items. Amazon Prime was a big winner of the 2017 holiday shopping season.

Why is this important for an Amazon seller? According to Business Wire, “In one week alone, more than four million people started Prime free trials or began paid memberships, to benefit from free two-day, one-day or same-day shipping, in addition to ultra-fast one and two hour delivery with Prime Now.”

With so many Amazon shoppers taking advantage of not only the fast shipping but Lightning Deals, Deals of the Day, and more it’s no wonder Amazon shoppers are looking specifically for items that are Amazon Prime eligible.


Toys are always a hot button topic when it comes to Amazon shopping. Many times parents will stalk Amazon to see when the it item comes back in stock.

3 of 2017’s most popular Amazon-sold toys included:

Sellers who carried the real toys found themselves selling out in record time.

However, some sellers were carrying knock-offs, getting held up in customs and never delivered. Or, their unhappy customers were opening cases with Amazon because they were unsatisfied.

Because of these issues, many customers resorted to only purchasing goods that were sold through Amazon FBA sellers (the Pros & Cons of Fullfilment by Amazon) and not from third-party sellers.

One key to successful selling on Amazon is offering a quality product that can be purchased and shipped quickly and easily. But before you can send your stock to Amazon to warehouse you have to first import your goods making sure they arrive intact and on time.

Partnering with an international freight forwarder like ETC International Freight Systems can help you navigate not only the complicated import and export process but they can also help you work efficiently within Amazon’s strict requirements.

At ETC International, our team has more than 30 years of international and domestic shipping experience and in recent years we have developed a special focus on the unique shipping and warehousing needs of Amazon sellers so that you can do what you do best, maintain that all important 5-star rating!

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