How to be successful selling on Amazon

If you’re thinking of becoming an Amazon FBA seller or are already selling on the marketplace, you’re probably constantly thinking of ways to be more successful than your competition. With such exponential growth (the FBA program grew by over 80% in 2016) it is crucial that you have as much information and resources possible so that you can not only keep up with you competition but beat them!

To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favorite articles from around the internet that will provide the essential tips that you need to know so that you too can learn how to be successful selling on Amazon!

How to Set Up an Amazon Store

ETC International Freight Systems– By Reid Malinbaum

How to set up an Amazon store

Becoming a successful Amazon seller is much more than just choosing a product and listing in on the marketplace. Do you know how you will import your goods or where you will warehouse them? In this article you will learn what services you should have lined up before you even list your first product. 


9 Things to Know Before Selling on Amazon

Volusion Blog by Adam Kirsch

9 things to know before selling on Amazon

Before you order your first product to sell learn the basics first and save yourself the headache and possibly financial mistake. Do you know what a buy box is or how your products will be shipping? This article covers it all and more!


Amazon- How to Sell your Products Like a Pro

Cleverism– by Martin

Amazon- how to sell your products like a pro

This article is full of information about creating a successful Amazon store. They cover everything from listinging, to reviews, and ideal shipping methods. The author even dives into the pros and cons of selling on Amazon and offers success stories to emulate. It is definitely a must read for any aspiring seller. 


5 Myths About Selling on Amazon by Christian Martin


What’s the best way to get ahead of the pack? Learning from other people’s mistakes! Familiarize yourself these myths and learn from them. The author covers how to overcome myths like “Amazon is too crowded of a market” and “You can just list your item and be successful” helping you learn to create a niche market full of properly optimized product.


How to be Successful Selling on Amazon for the Holiday Season

ETC International Freight Systems– By Reid Malinbaum

How to be successful selling on Amazon during the holiday season

The holiday season can make or break your Amazon store, learn when to start planning, what hot items to look out for, and how your stock can make you a successful during the busiest shopping season of the year. Are you interested in selling the hottest tech gifts this year? This article can help you decide what items to carry no matter what your price point is.

Armed with the right information can help you learn how to be successful selling on Amazon but having and experienced and knowledgeable team behind you can help you achieve it. ETC International Freight Systems wants to be part of your team for success. Click here to learn more about the specialty freight services that we offer designed with Amazon sellers like you in mind.

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