How To Handle a $2M Ferrari

Shipping Cars And Vehicles Overseas

We are working on a car shipment (keeping my fingers crossed that we get it) but it sounds like a good topic for you shippers to read about.

We are pricing an air freight shipment for an immaculate Early Model Ferrari Valued at $2,000,000.00. We would pick-up this precious vehicle on a flatbed & a car cover or an enclosed trailer from the shipper’s residence to our Pro-Pack warehouse station where it will be placed into a custom crate. Condition reports with detailed pictures are created at each point of handling. The cargo insurance begins at the time of pick-up & would be enforced at the destination as well as the return to its rightful owner.

So, once crated, it would deliver to LAX airport & under our supervision, placed on 1×20’ airline platform on wheels, fasten to the rack & battery disconnected. All documents prepared in advance & shown to customs as well as the export airline handlers. An ATA Carnet would accompany the car (Passport for goods to alleviate duties overseas & back home upon its return). After everything checks out, it would be flown to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Once there, with the assistance of our agent, clearing the vehicle, using the ATA Carnet, the Early Model Ferrari is placed on a flatbed or an enclosed trailer & not before condition reports & pictures are made as well. It is then dispatched to a local warehouse, uncrated (Crate is re-usable for the return). Once the vehicle is checked & ready, it is rolled onto an enclosed trailer to be delivered to one of the biggest cars shows in Saudi Arabia.

Once the show is over the reverse process begins all over again & the Early Model Ferrari crated & flown back to Los Angeles airport. At this juncture, using the ATA Carnet, we clear the vehicle out of the US Customs, free of duty & deliver to the car owner.

Evidently, vehicles being flown are the exceptions. We ocean freight them regularly. But, for shippers with high value autos of $ 100,000.00 or more, we invite you to check with us at for freight cost analysis.

Happy shipping!

Reid Malinbaum



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