International Cargo Shipments: Five Classic Riviera Motor Yachts, Handle With Care

Portofino is one hell of an exclusive resort, home to elegant crowds, beautiful pedestrian promenades, a vibrant social scene, and perpetual siesta. The La Spezia fishing village is located on an idyllic patch of the Italian Riviera where it attracts massive crowds year in, year out. Their harbor is a movie scene and the classic yachts that are anchored there will spin your head and fill you with envy.
All azimuth with ETC International Freight System, your licensed freight forwarder since 1984. We’re here to manage the shipment of five vintage Riveria Yachts that are part of the iconic the attraction of this region.
This is no ordinary cargo. Visualize four handmade wooden motor yachts from the 1940s.

Now, wonder whom in America might be the prize winner of this incredible import and what will become of them…. I must stop you there, as your guess is as good as mine, for now.

Here is how we handled this unique, beloved, highly precious cargo:

  • This type of import requires covered boat trailers to get the yachts from the Mediterranean Sea to the port. Before the boats could be covered, we ensured that accurate marine insurance is in place, along with a detailed condition reports for each boat, with pictures.
  • At the warehouse, new condition reports are made to ensure the yachts are in the exact same condition as when control of the shipments took place.
  • 40’ high, water-proof cube containers are dispatched to the warehouse near the departure port. Inspection of the containers is part of the job; we would not want sea water on the yachts for the duration of the trip (which will be 25 days or so, depending on the Captain and how many siestas may be taken…).
  • Cradles and platforms are built to accommodate two small yachts per ocean container. More pictures are taken.
  • Before departure, all shipping documents and titles are presented to customs in Italy, along with a booking that secures the vessel and departure date.
  • Once the containers are sealed (with sign off from customs), they are returned to the terminal where they will be loaded with a giant crane onto the vessel.
  • Once, the voyage is completed and the vessel docks in Oregon, we begin the process of customs clearance.
    o NOTE: Customs has the prerogative to inspect the cargo; this can add delays and costs that would be sustained for the importer of record.
  • Once the shipments of yachts are cleared out of customs, the yachts will be trucked to their final destination. If the importer does not have the means to unload the cargoes sitting on the container floor, on a truck chassis, 4’ off the ground, the shipment will be dispatched to a nearby warehouse. As with every stop on the process, new condition reports are made, along with pictures.
    o NOTE: Video of the unloading, though unusual, can be requested. It will be useful to indicate this request at the very early stage of the freight negotiation with the shipper and importer.
  • Once the trailers are at the ready, the yachts will be transferred onto them and braced, blocked, and securely fasten. Once that is done and the cargo has been delivered to its destination, we will conduct one final condition report, per yacht, in preparation for sign off by the customer.

This is highly specialized shipping; just one example of how we can ship just about anything to just about anywhere. Our firm offers a wide array of freight forwarding options so that as a shipper, you always have access to multiple delivery options and price ranges. We’re here to serve you!
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Happy shipping!



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