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Now there are talks for port funding with Congressional appropriators. That is a relief!

Employers note that some European terminals for the past 20 years have been using unmanned cargo-handling equipment. Also, they say those terminals now have fewer safety issues because
there are fewer longshoremen on the docks to get in the way of cargo-handling equipment and trucks.
  Now that is real..

According to JOC source;  “We write to request that when you enter into negotiations with your Senate counterparts to complete annual appropriations legislation (for fiscal 2015, beginning Oct. 1, 2014) you hold the line at a final FY15 harbor maintenance funding level that meets the WRRDA 2014 target for that year, which has strong support in the House,” the representatives wrote key appropriators.

The letter was sent on Sunday to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky.; and the House committee ranking member, Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.; and House Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Mike Simpson, R-Id, and the committee’s ranking member, Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio.

Major water resources legislation, signed by President Barack Obama into law on June 10, set a schedule where U.S. ports would receive more HMT funding each year and receive all annually
collected taxes by fiscal 2020. But it’s up to congressional appropriators to make sure that the plan set by Water Resources Reform Development Act is implemented. End of quote.


WHERE Is THE BEEF? Clara Peller said it best…

This ILWU is scandalous, it should be investigated & we should look into the European example (see above). Importers, forwarders, customhouse brokers, truckers & the consumers are being short changed every day. Moneys we pay for the ocean containers stock with off the beaten pass inspections, storage exacerbated with chassis shortage at the LA/Long Beach ports or containers re-routed will cost this winter great grievances with the ultimate consumers. Frustration is running high, solutions are being discussed, and we are waiting for their deployment.

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