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Shippers working in the international trading arena also often ship domestically. For most international freight forwarders, the buck stops with the handling of the international shipments. Even with freight conglomerates, they use different divisions for international and domestic shipping.

For shippers straining to look for domestic air or surface companies, only a few forwarders, like ETC International Freight System, are a one-stop-shop and can handle shipments beyond the international and offer domestic surface and air transportation services for their customers.

Here’s why it matters…

Why Care?

Working with a freight forwarder that offers both domestic and international freight services allows shippers to relax knowing that they have the same knowledgeable person handling of all aspects of shipment.

This gives you the unique opportunity to build a trusted relationship with your forwarder. They get to know you and your needs and work hard to move your shipment efficiently. 

This allows us to manage a wide variety of shipping scenarios with the same shipping outfit. This means less time lost and better focus.

International Shippers & Domestic Shipping

The same applies to some manufacturers or trading companies who buy or sell their goods overseas and domestically.

Take, for example, our importer with a domestic division in need of moving 7 flatbed trailers hauling 50 bunks of plywood with a pick-up location from Tumwater, WA to Seattle WA. The shipment represented 7,000 pieces of plywood, a mere 210,000 pounds of cargo. As their longtime forwarder, we know the loading conditions and how we need to cascade the trucks to get the cargo loaded in its entirety and on time as to not miss the delivery set schedule which happens to be on a Sunday.

The Devil is in the Details

Many transactions fail despite the appearance of everything being in their right places. But there are many things that are hard to miss because they aren’t necessarily commonplace knowledge.

For example, Sunday deliveries are considered “special delivery,” and the trucking division working for a freight conglomerate won’t be in the office to follow-up when needed. Your international freight forwarder, the one that gives you a cellphone number, stays on the job with the details of the transportation and various contacts in a folder with him or her at all times.

Early and relentless coordination is the only way to eliminate the space cadet environment.

In this case, they were moving cargo from a lumber site to a construction site.

When your shipment arrives to the port, your freight forwarder, if caring, will handle all imports at the port and customs clearance, along with any affliction that customs or the terminal may create.

In this example, the freight forwarder organized the delivery, rather than letting a domestic transportation company with relayed information run with it. This was important, because relaying from one group to the other opens the doors for miscommunications.

Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar

Whether you ship internationally, domestically, or both, shippers benefit from working closely with one freight network for all of their shipping needs.

Fragmenting your shipment through freight companies, customs clearance, and delivery can and will often translate in delays, important information lost in translation, and avoidable added costs.

Shippers should keep or develop a strong rapport with their freight forwarder and mainstream their domestic and international shipping. By working with a shipping company like ETC International Freight System, shippers are able to streamline domestic and international shipping services but also get their warehousing and any crating with in-house packing needs handled as well.

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