Fos-sur-Mer is a commercial port on the southern tip of France, near Marseille. The port services worldwide destinations and handles full ocean container loads as well as oversized industrial cargo that are shipped on 20’ or 40’ flat-racks (these are regular containers with no side walls). Fos-sur-Mer is an excellent port for shippers with southern French destinations, which alleviate the need for expensive long haul endeavors from the Northern part of the country (namely, Le Havre).

I recently made a trip to Fos-sur-Mer to visit my shipping agent, where ETC International already conducts a considerable amount of business. We ship all kinds of cargo including aircraft parts, commercial goods, and personal effects in and out of that location to other parts of Europe as well as Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. For shippers with air shipments, we fly to Merignac airport, making the southern part of France a quick and easy destination to reach.

Fortunately, the trip also afforded me some downtime in my favorite regions in the world! Whenever I am in that part of the world, I always visit La Cote de Provence, a destination that is internationally renowned for their Rose wine. The town features endless vineyards, one more beautiful than the next, and picturesque villages dotting the countryside.

For those with an adventurous spirit, I also recommend a hike or climb of Les Calanques, outside Marseille. This is a truly remarkable wilderness experience with its sheer cliffs surmounting the Mediterranean Sea.

Once you are done, jump in the clear ocean before hitting the bar for a well-deserved French beer.

So, next day back in the office in Fos S/ Mer, my agent finds me a little too tan with rosy cheeks – but what an adventure! Today, we are working on a large shipment of perfumes and shampoo being flown to the East Coast and dealing with the French Customs inspecting the cargo for the packing and our documentation matching their strict regulations.

We love our work, we love to travel, we love to celebrate everything that life has to offer!

If you are looking to ship to Marseille, anywhere in Europe, or anywhere in the world, the experts at ETC International are standing by to assist, contact us here .

And if you’d like a recommendation on rose wine, feel free to email me directly.



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