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How our 3PL innovation helps clients protect their cargo.

Since our establishment in 1984, there have been enormous changes when it comes to automation for warehousing and distribution.

This complex system includes warehouse receiving with bar codes, single to double stacking freight on pallets, labeling services, laboring over receiving and storing packed shipments composed of 10,000 boxes, vehicles (boats, motorcycles, autos) and food grade specialized warehouses. Then, you need to stage, having to locate a few boxes or one motorcycle out of hundreds of boxes, opening pallets from the same shipment, readying them for pickups and deliveries.

ETC International Freight System has realized that not all warehouses are able to handle all kinds of shipments. For example, food grade cargo must be separated from non-food grade cargo in order to prevent contamination. To handle motorcycles, warehouses must be experienced with blocking and bracing in order to secure a safe and secure delivery. For Amazon or general boxed merchandising accounts, you have pallet exchanges, labeling and trucking to dispatch centers. Household goods also need to be handled and stored before shipping very differently from other deliveries.

ETC International Freight System has developed a proprietary warehousing system that differentiates shipment types and then dispatches our customers’ goods to separate specialized warehouses. Each 3PL warehouse specializes in either food grade, vehicle shipping or Amazon/general merchandising. This ensures that our customers cargo is handled appropriately, given its specific content.
Mingling a variety of cargoes that do not mix well together into one warehouse is a bad idea. Inadequate handling, billing errors, and delays are a few examples of how the wrong warehouse can be harmful to your shipments.

Our freight company offers three highly competent, experienced warehouses to handle different types of shipments. So, besides, your shipping requirements for air or ocean freight, whether, you import or export, ETC International Freight System offers shipping, customs clearance, warehousing to fit your type of shipment and delivery to the door.

You can contact us via our site at www.etcinternational.com and benefit for a limited 10% off offer or you can email us at sales@etcinternational.com.

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