How stores selling on Amazon have shaped the freight industry

Bob Dylan once wrote “The times they are a changing.” No matter what generation you were born into, it’s likely that you’ve seen some big changes come to the world around you during your lifetime.

Today, we have reached a point where technology is developing in the blink of an eye and for those of us in the international freight forwarding industry it is of upmost importance that we remain on the cutting edge to make sure our customer’s needs are being met in the most cost effective and efficient ways possible. 

The Evolution of Technology in Shipping
In the early 80s, international shipping companies worked with type writers, I remember the first time we got a side screen connected to our typewriter (it wasn’t a computer but it was life-changing), then came the telex machine that was literally revolutionary, until, we got the fax machine.
But everything was supplemented once computers and the internet made email the foremost means to communicate within not only our international freight agencies but the world! There’s a smile on my face remembering the first time our freight company contacted our Italian agent and asked them to consider the use of computers and emails. 
A key factor for our family-owned international shipping company was our fast implementation of new technology and no room for politics or conflicts. We were laser focused (and still are!) on seeking new solutions that advance our ability to handle shipments better. We always share necessary information with our shippers and provide our customers with on-time information explaining our involvements in closing the gap among so many parties linked to the routing of their shipments.
Shipping Solutions for Millennials
Today, a second generation, the Millennials, are in command and technology is a very important component driving our international shipping company to servicing the manufacturers and traders and creating new shipping solutions for their unique import/export needs.
Since 1984, we’ve been learning and growing and continue to pass the baton from one generation to another. This is not only what our freight forwarding company experienced in 33 years, it is how a company stays ahead of the fray by keeping up with developing technology but not forgetting the experiences of the past.
The Amazon Shipper
Our employees’ knowledge and dedication are of paramount importance in the services that we render, which focus on 100% customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we at ETC International Freight System is continuig to look to the future to remain on the cutting edge of technology and customer service. 
As we have studied the ever-changing import/export market, we have begun to notice a growing population of young entrepreneurs who are building their business by selling on Amazon. These sellers are located all over the globe, they work flexible yet rigerous hours, and they seek a personal touch when it comes to international shipping. 
These shippers are tough, but, fair. They communicate with each other via chat rooms and exclusive forums, they meet overseas for shows and they share information and advice readily, which includes freight forwarding, shipping, clearing, warehousing and meeting Amazon’s stringent delivery requirements.  
As Amazon’s requirements are unique and heavily structured we have decided to create a new department within ETC International that specializes in the unique needs of shippers importing from China, as well as other Asian countries, and distributing their imports via Amazon. Our goal is to take the headache of dealing directly with Amazon away from these shippers through services that include warehousing, packaging, and inventory dispatch. 
Amazon sellers are quick, efficient and technology driven, our international freight forwarding company receives impressive amounts of recommendations and this generation is keyed in to work in a like-minded environment. The Millennials shipping with us think globally and care beyond their shipments about the footprint they leave behind.
From working toward developing an app to help expedite quoting, to looking into new ways to offset our carbon footprint, we are dedicated to making the future of ETC International Freight Systems bright. The Millennial generation is now in business and they have high standards and values which we continually strive to not only meet but exceed.



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