Shipping solutions for international and domestic shipments

Many of you will require international AND domestic shipments from time to time. Conventional thinking suggests that you use an international freight forwarder when shipping overseas and, conversely, seek a domestic transportation company when moving cargo within the US. 

But when searching for shipping solutions, wouldn’t it be a easier and far less taxing to speak with one freight interlocutor with the expertise requirements for international AND domestic shipping?

Your One Stop Shop for your Shipping Needs

In past blogs I have addressed the differences among freight forwarders when shipping soley internationally but what about working with a freight forwarders that allows you to ship domestically within the US? What if you were able call one freight forwarder that can expertly price and handle ALL your cargo whether you want to ship via truck or air freight to Chicago, Idaho, Mexico, Canada or any other world destinations?

At ETC International Freight Systems, we can be your ONE trusted freight forwarder that can expertly handle all domestic air freight, full or partial truck loads, as well as any international destinations or origins via air or ocean freight that can clear through our USA or foreign customs, and warehousing / distribution too!

Is this unique? No, there are other qualified international shipping companies offering the whole freight package.  Do they offer the over 30 years of experience and can they navigate through the labyrinth of the shipping world like ETC can? 

… maybe… Maybe not.

One Point of Contact is All You Need

In the past I’ve written about freight conglomerates and their freight agents handling one department with no knowledge of other shipping departments, segregating each task. Shippers having to navigate the freight landscape with many layovers & many parties taking over your shipments adding cost and time. It is seldom that will you feel that they know you or care.

Shippers with ambitions who refuse to be dealt with in that manner will need to find the right freight forwarding fit. You need to seek a licensed forwarding company who deals with not only international, but also domestic shipping.

Once that is established, shippers should seek to have one contact name. Their contact should be qualified and knowledgeable in all areas of shipping.  For example, we have shippers who need us to pick up less than a truck load (LTL) from various USA inland points, warehouse the items for them and then consolidate into a full container load (FCL) before shipping it out to an international destinations. It is important that your contact should have knowledge in all aspects of your needs so that they can accurately and efficiently guide you through the process.

Conversely, this also happens on import shipments that ETC International Freight System handles. We often import full container loads from China. We must clear them through customs, break the bulk and segregate the many shipments, warehouse them and then dispatch them individually throughout the USA. With ETC you get one forwarder and one contact point making your list of who you can contact with questions or problems a short one.

In conclusion, even for shippers that handle their incoming or outgoing shipments sporadically, to channel their businesses and stream their shipping through one able freight forwarder will save them hard currency and headache medicine, not to mention that you will now have time to play tennis again!

Do you have a domestic shipment? Do you have an international shipment? Do you have both? Do you need a sample to be shipped to the door? Do you have a partial shipment to be air freighted or ocean freighted? Do you need customs clearance warehousing, pick-up or deliveries? Let ETC be your ONE stop shop for your shipping needs.

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