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Why Hollywood & Big Commerce Love International Freight Forwarders

Posted by Sean Chartier on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 10:42 AM

International Freight Shipping Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

Large-scale suppliers and businesses that have large, regular commercial shipments of products ranging from laboratory ware, diagnostics reagents, auto parts and automobiles, paint products, film, film artwork, and media mock-ups, department store goods and accessories, solar panels - just to name a few - demand more intensive logistics services of their international shipping providers than is otherwise provided to individual and small-time consumers.

But it's more than just picking up a shipping container, loading it on the ocean vessel, and watching it ride off into the sunset. There is a complex backbone of networking and special handling applied to each and every one of these shipments based on special requirements warranted by the contents inside and the needs of the businesses.

Freight forwarding has been, and continues to be, the answer that helps the corporate engine run as smooth as possible.

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