International freight forwarders can contact us for duty rates and other information

Forwarders and traders are experiencing an amelioration with the Trade War with China which has led to a lowering of import duty rates. Consequently, import rate requests are up. You can call ETC International Freight System (800-383-3157 or email us with your Schedule B number to figure out the duty rate connected with your specific commodity. If you don’t already have this information, your Chinese supplier can get the Schedule B number for you.


For an international shipper, air freighting cars from the West Coast can generate a kid-in-a-candy-story feeling: the options are limitless and exciting! Unlike the candy store, the choices are also fairly complex… and sometimes unavoidably sticky. ETC Freight System received four $80-100K Range Rovers in three different delivers to our warehouse in Los Angeles, each delivery was arranged by a different party. The leg from our warehouse to the airlines in enclosed trailers takes place in accordance with the bookings and the customs title validation window. It is important to note that pictures and condition reports are created at each leg of the shipment and that as the freight forwarding company, we provide an all risks cargo insurance from the time we pick up the vehicles all the way to the arrival in Bangkok airport.

Getting airlines to offer enough capacity and above their regular shipments filling out airlines 20’ pallets are no easy feat. Most airlines cannot accommodate it and the ones using all freighter aircrafts prefer air freighting eclectic shipments on their pallets and although we booked the cars with one of them, they were not be able to confirm any flight schedules. It happened to us! After negotiating rates and getting a booking for the vehicles, they back peddled with gigantic delays. This is not very inspiring; we were back to square one with cars on their ways and a customer in suspense. Back to the drawing board, we located a new airline and got booking to Bangkok via a Western European hub.

To see our cargos of vehicles, get to their destination, we had to fly individual auto on separate master airway bill (MAWB) from each other. US Customs requiring original titles validation 72 hours prior to flying the Range Rovers. The risks of cargo overflow are real and preventing delays is ETC Intl. Freight System first priority. The customer was made aware of the Range Rovers being flown on separate MAWB, which creates four different export files and four different customs clearance in Bangkok for the consignee, the buyer. The inconvenience and added cost did not affect the transactions, and, so, off they are. To our readers, if you check our various blogs, you will appreciate what our shipping firm does for our shipping customers. How so very eclectic what we ship, using special equipment, flat racks, standard or high cube containers, less than container loads, consolidated air or ocean shipments, roll on roll off. Our customers use us as a one stop shop for all the above and 3PL (distribution / warehousing), customs clearance.

On a more personal note, my involvement as a Senior Consulting Director, I help trading, manufacturing companies to set-up their international shipping departments. I welcome your queries and invite you to check us out at or call me at 1-310-632255 extension 102.

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