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Dear Importers & Exporters,

  • Until, a few weeks ago, we were so busy shipping PPE & food related shipments! ETC International Freight System, was at the forefront of the Essential industries moving cargo to refurbish what our highly secured & secretive governmental warehouses did not possess. As many of you know, they have endless equipment for other types of warfare, which I won’t get into it, as this is not a political statement. Those warehouses did not contain anything that our population needed for Covid19. So like this virus, we went back to China to have most of the PPE manufactured. Mind you, it was not the only provenance of the PPE, but surely the bulk of it.  Recently, Governor Newsom got our Mexican neighbors to manufacture some for us.  Interestingly enough, freight rates from China went sky high. At first, importers & the rest of us involved in the shipping industry thought that a lack of vessels operating the air & ocean trade lanes may have been the cause. Maybe for a couple of months, I am not sure why shipping air & ocean rates remain absurdly elevated. Surely, no one can ignore that demands pushed profits upwards to new heights & further overwhelm the American consumers, only benefiting the Chinese. 
  • In more ways than one, International freight forwarders are on the for front of the trends, we have an open window to the spoils of war in our new age of global warfare. This time, if not for a while now, we, Americans have been on the top of the ladder for the picking. 

Apparently, hard at work, America is back with sufficient PPE inventories. Now, looking through our freight window, we see an empty horizon. Importers fulfilled their orders & no renewal on sight yet. Our company ETC International Freight System, aside from organizing the shipping of those shipments, we clear them through the USA Customs & store them in our warehouses before deliveries take place. Inventories are on the decline & less orders, shipments are expected. Let us hope this is a good start & a sign for our efforts to dominate, exterminate this virus & if not get it under control.

From my freight window, we see many American industries at a stand-still. So, let us not jump out of the window, I would prefer going back to the deck of the ship behind the helm, navigating this storm with the wind behind our backs & maneuvering it to safety. Pardon my metaphors, but simply said, it is when we dip low that we resurface with fortitude. In my view with 39 years in the shipping industry, having passed several significant storms, with anxiety helping, we regroup & forge new strategies. Each industry, any business must question its very existence & reshape its future bringing changes. Not one industry alone, one government alone can do that. When we ship a few cubic meters, we consolidate the shipment with many others to get the cheapest price outcome. Same philosophy applies today to our country. I do not wear a mask just for myself, but for others as well. I expect the same  from you.

At ETC International Freight System, let us help you, help us. We got some of the best shipping rates in the industry & our freight experts are truly understanding the necessity to play their part. Contact us at 800-383-3157 – Email us at – Visit our web site at We aim to ship..

Happy shipping!
Reid Malinbaum
ETC Intl. Freight System since 1984




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