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Other Specialty Freight Forwarding Services You May Need

ETC International Freight System are licensed and bonded freight forwarders with over 30 years of experience serving customers from a wide array of needs, including those that you may not have heard of or realize you qualify for - like ATA Carnets - a specialty incentive that can be applied to freight that is intended to return to the country of origin within a certain period of time.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, ETC International has a complex and diverse network of affiliates in every country, with all airlines and ocean freighters. And because we have kept ETC relatively small, you'll get personal, hands-on assistance from professionals with decades of experience.



ATA Carnet Services

Get duty-free customs clearance for non-consumables being shipped to select countries for up to one year. Travel to as many ATA Carnet countries as necessary during that period, and with ETC, you can even schedule partial and split shipments. 


ATA Carnets


Cargo Insurance

Keep your shipments safe and secure with cargo insurance purchased through ETC International Freight. Accidents happen - will you be prepared when they do?


Cargo Insurance


Meet Industry Packing Criteria & Customs Regulations

Shipments going overseas, straight loads or consolidated must meet the industry packing criteria & customs regulations. Our professional packers & craters perform on-site or in-house services with heat-treated wood that is "HT" stamped


Packing & Crating


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