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As a leader in international freight forwarding, we are constantly being asked for guidance around international freight shipping. We happy to provide these great tools to you for no cost. All that we ask is that you let us know if they were helpful afterward!

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Articles about Freight Forwarding
Webinars about International Freight Shipping
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"I have been exporting to Europe for over 30 years and never found a more efficient, yet reasonably priced, freight forwarder than ETC"


Pascal Monmoine, President of PM Traders, Inc.



Come check out our webinar series, "Ask a Freight Forwarder," where industry veteran, Reid Malinbaum, explores topics about freight forwarding that matter to you. Watch our recordings today, and be sure to join us live for the next! We'll even answer your direct questions if you submit them before an event or bring them up during Q&!

Ask a freight forwarder - installment 1

Join Reid Malinabaum and Lucas Hamon as they explore big concepts that incorporate more than 35 years of hands-on freight forwarding experience!

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Curious about the important freight terms listed on your invoices and proposals? We'll walk you through the top terms used and where they make the most sense.

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Looking for ways to cut costs on your partial load? Check out this great webinar on why LCL consolidated loads are Reid's favorite, and when you can take advantage!

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How import tariffs can and will impact Amazon sellers

Join Reid Malinabaum and Lucas Hamon as they share tools, resources, and experiences for helping you navigate your Amazon store through the tariff wars

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Downloadable Tools:


We want to make you better at shipping, so we created this library of resources to take with you! Download today, and let us know what you think! Have something specific in mind that you're not seeing here? Just let us know, and we'll build it for you!


metric to imperial conversion calculator

Metric units conversion calculator

Pounds to kilograms, inches and feet into centimeters & meters. Download today, and save yourself some hassle!

Freight terms quick reference chart

Freight Terms Governed by Incoterms 2010

Download this quick reference cheat sheet containing valuable shipping codes.

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International Residential Move Checklist

Moving overseas and worried about making sure you remembered everything?

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