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How Import Tariffs Can and Are Affecting Amazon Sellers

Join us for our fourth installment of the "Ask a Freight Forwarder" webinar series, where seasoned industry veterans will share their experiences navigating the complex landscape of international freight shipping.

In THIS installment, we covered:

  • What's going on with this "trade war"
  • Reid's assessment
  • What's being impacted
  • How To minimize your risk
  • What to do when you see your product on the list
  • Stand by or seize the day?

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About Reid:

As Founder and former CEO of ETC International Freight Systems, Reid has more than 30 years of experience in freight forwarding & shipping to & from world destinations. ETC International secures the best logistical outcomes for shippers, whether shipping via air or ocean freight, because we offer warehousing, distribution, packing, crating, trucking, customhouse brokerage & inland delivery/pickup services.

International freight is a fast-paced, regulated industry, which requires attention & dedication. ETC customers enjoy working with the nimble company, because the get custom services built around their needs, and don't get handed off to new people from department to department. With ETC, your rep will be with you the entire duration of the shipment, regardless of what you might encounter.